Metchosin Biodiversity

Welcome to the web site of the Metchosin BioBlitz and MycoBlitz. The team at the Metchosin Biodiversity Project sponsors the blitzes and publishes the results on these pages in order to:

  • Increase our understanding of Metchosin’s species and ecosystems.
  • Share natural history information with interested people in Metchosin and adjacent jurisdictions.
  • Use this information and awareness to protect and restore Metchosin’s species and ecosystems.

A large number of Metchosin species have been located during the seven years of the Metchosin BioBlitzes and MycoBlitzes. Here is the summary of our counts in May of 2018, broken down by organism groups. You can view the entire set of observations–more than 10,000–by species group and by scientific name. You can also download an Excel spreadsheet of all of our data (but with specific observation locations removed). These spreadsheet and observation lists were last updated in May, 2017.

Species counts continued to mount during our various 2019 blitz events and our virtual events in 2020. By December of 2020 we had catalogued over 2900 species. Our inventories are also available in the Metchosin Biodiversity project of iNaturalist.

The Metchosin bioblitz data also includes some offshore waters and islands and the Race Rocks Ecological Reserve that are not technically in the boundaries of the District of Metchosin.